Intermountain-West Nuclear Energy Corridor

*2023 Tech Hub Designee and Strategy Development Grant Recipient

Lead Agency: Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium

States Served: Idaho, Wyoming

Applicant-Defined Region: Idaho Falls and Pocatello MSAs, Blackfoot μSA, Fort Hall Indian Reservation (Idaho); Laramie and Rock Springs μSAs, Wind River Indian Reservation (Wyoming)

Core Technology Area: nuclear small modular reactors and microreactors

Contact: Kirt Marlow (, Dana Kirkham (, Hope Morrow (

The Intermountain-west Nuclear Energy Corridor (INEC) Tech Hub, led by the Idaho Advanced Energy Consortium, aims to position Idaho and Wyoming as a global leader in small modular reactors (SMR) and advanced nuclear energy to contribute to a cleaner energy future. This Tech Hub will build on Idaho and Wyoming’s regional nuclear manufacturing and service sectors to capture an increasing share of the global SMR market. By developing co-location collaboration hubs, incubators and testbeds for nuclear start-ups, and nuclear industry workforce development programs, INEC will leverage regional resources and talent to strengthen nuclear reactor development and production.

Strategy Development Grant Amount: $464,880

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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