Corvallis Microfluidics Tech Hub

*2023 Tech Hubs Designee and Strategy Development Grant Recipient

Lead Agency: Oregon State University

State Served: Oregon

Applicant-Defined Region: Corvallis MSA

Core Technology Area: microfluidics

Contact: Tom Weller (, Brady Gibbons (

The Corvallis Microfluidics Tech Hub, led by Oregon State University, aims to establish global leadership in the development, scaling, and commercialization of microfluidics technology for use in semiconductor and electronic cooling. Through the development, scaling, and commercialization of microfluidics technologies, this Tech Hub will create a platform for high-performance computing, biotechnology, advanced energy, and advanced materials and manufacturing companies to collaboratively demonstrate microfluidics technologies. By capitalizing on the innovation of a material critical to semiconductor manufacturing and bioscience, the Corvallis Microfluidics Tech Hub will mitigate supply chain risks and contribute to advancing a technology central to our national security.

Designee Narrative (PDF)

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