Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub

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Lead Agency: BioForward Wisconsin

State Served: Wisconsin

Region: Madison and Milwaukee-Waukesha MSAs

Core Technology Area: personalized medicine

Contact: Wendy Harris (wharris@bioforward.org)

Media Contact: Rissa Guffey (rguffey@bioforward.org) and Lisa Johnson (ljohnson@bioforward.org)

The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub, led by BioForward Wisconsin, aims to position Wisconsin as a global leader in personalized medicine, an emerging healthcare approach that tailors tests, treatments, and therapies informed by a patient’s unique genetic code, medical record, and environment. Leveraging its cluster of healthcare assets and track record of commercializing medical research, this Tech Hub seeks to facilitate manufacturing coordination and data sharing, expand lab space and computing capacity, advance the field of critical genomic technology, and accelerate domestic biotech manufacturing.

The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub seeks to strengthen personalized medicine innovation, manufacturing and commercialization ecosystem in the region in three key areas: imaging/theranostics, genomics, and big data/analytics.

This consortium’s proposal includes plans to:

  • Create a comprehensive, inclusive real-world data ecosystem that accelerates the biohealth product development lifecycle while utilizing national best practices to ensure secure, compliant, and ethical use of patient data;
  • Deploy mobile cancer screening and healthcare referral fleets in underserved communities to deliver care to neighborhoods experiencing the highest health disparities and collect unique biomarker data to ensure that new innovations and product extensions reach diverse populations;
  • Employ artificial intelligence and sophisticated data techniques to streamline the clinical integration of new technologies and prepare manufacturers and supply chains for upcoming demands to drive the growth of theranostics and personalized medicine;
  • Provide a support network for entrepreneurs, including lab space, investment attraction, and capital efficiency, and de-risking strategies to move innovations closer to market and investment readiness;
  • Create inclusive talent pipelines that align with employer demands and address the workforce challenges inherent in developing, scaling, building, and deploying new technologies; and
  • Synergize initiatives, track metrics, and share learnings to reinforce the cycle of innovation and deployment through Hub-wide leadership, project management, and fostering coordination.

To ensure that the impacts of the Tech Hubs projects benefit the entire region, the consortium is committed to providing wraparound services to people in underrepresented communities to help them get jobs in the growing biohealth sector; expand biohealth support for entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities; and engage include organizations that serve underrepresented groups as voting members of the consortium.

This summary is based on information submitted by the applicants. If selected for funding, the final EDA-approved scope of work may differ.

Strategy Development Grant Amount: $395,550

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